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Family Lifestyle Sessions

Family lifestyle sessions are about so much more than just snapping a few posed photos of your family, all with perfect fake smiles staring at the camera saying CHEESE (please, PLEASE don’t say cheese)
I want your these photos to tell a story and create memories that will last you a lifetime - because you don’t really want to pass down a lifetime of blurry phone selfies, do you?
We all know that moment - you’re watching your kids play and suddenly you realise your baby is not a baby any more and where the hell has all the time gone?! (I’m not crying, you’re crying!) You only get one chance to capture these moments, because as cliche as it is, time really is a thief!

Each family session is $650 includes 60-90 minutes on location and minimum of 75 high resolution edited images, ready for you to download from your private online gallery.

Can I have my session at home?
Absolutely! Just make sure when booking you choose a morning time slot, as most houses tend to get a little dark in the late afternoon, and just choose “at home” as the location when booking.

Why are some of the session times so late?
You might have heard of golden hour, but if you haven’t - it’s that last hour of the day when the light is just golden perfection! It’s my absolute favorite time of day to take photos, and it’ll give you those beautiful softly lit photos we all love so much. If for some reason the later time absolutely wont work for you, or you’re worried about the weather being cold, an indoor session at home might be more your jam!

What do we wear to our session?
I know it can be a little stressful trying to decide on outfits for everyone for your family session - it’s an investment and you want it to be perfect! Well never fear - once you book, you’ll be getting an email from me with a handy guide to help you know exactly what to wear for the most perfect family photos.

What if my kids won’t cooperate?
You really don’t need to stress about this guys! I’m a mum too, so I totally understand. Kids misbehave, be silly, throw tantrums - it’s just a part of life! My aim is to capture your personalities and your family, no matter how crazy ;) And real silly faces beat fake smiles any day of the week!

What if someone gets sick?
If you, your kiddos or I are really unwell, we will have to reschedule your session. No one wants to go and have photos taken when you’re feeling rubbish, and life happens - so don’t stress (and I definitely don’t want to be passing any bugs on to you!)

What about bad weather?
We all know the weather man is a bit unreliable, so I don’t usually like to cancel for bad weather until the day of your session, when I can judge for myself how bad the weather will be. If I’m worried, I’ll be in touch in the days leading up to your session to discuss our options. If the weather is going to be awful - we will reschedule.

What if I want to choose a different location?
No worries at all! I know some people have trouble choosing a location for their session, so I’ve included some options when you book. If you have a specific location in mind for your session, just choose “other” and let me know what you’ve got in mind. Locations further than 30km from the city may cost a little extra to factor in travel.

Do I have to pay extra for extra photos?
NOPE! This is a common question because a lot of photographers charge extra if you want more photos over the included amount, but the answer is no! If it's a photo worth having - you get it! You'll get a minimum of 75 images, but if there are more photos that are worth having, you'll get them! I delete any photos that aren't quite right, out of focus, weird expressions etc, and you'll get the rest.

When will I get my photos?
You'll get to see a sneaky peak on social media a day or two after your session, and the rest will be uploaded to an online gallery within 4 weeks of your session.

I can’t afford to pay up front, can I still book in?
Yep, you sure can! I’m now offering payment plans for family sessions. You will need to pay a $250 deposit up front when you book, then pay the balance over the next 4 weeks as 2 fortnightly payments of $200.*

I can’t see the date I want my session on the booking page, does that mean it’s not available?
Not necessarily! If you have a particular day/date in mind for your session but can’t see it available for booking, that doesn’t always mean it’s not! Just flick me an email here and we can get you booked in that way!

*Please note if you use a payment plan and your session date is before the balance is paid, your images will not be released until you have paid in full.